About Benny

Benhur !Xobile Setho (aka Benny) the PR Manager

Benhur prefers to be called by his nickname, “Benny”. He is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and was born on April Fools’ Day 2006. Whether the date of birth has affected his personality and nature is scientifically unproven but he is predisposed to playfulness and mischief. An intelligent canine by genetics, he is capable of learning tricks and commands in a short period of time and knows which human he can likewise trick and bully into doing what he wants.

Benny loves to play fetch with balls and soft toys. If no toys are in sight, he slyly lies down close to you so you can feel his presence and perhaps get conned into playing with him or feeding him.

Other activities Benny loves includes making new friends and getting as much attention as he possibly can. He is able to discern with excellent accuracy which persons will lavish attention on him, who are afraid of dogs, and who are simply bipeds whom aren’t interested in him that much. Benny is more human than dog. He throws tantrums (still a child) and plays all day, eats, sleeps, and whines occasionally. He watches people and cars who go by and charms them with his beautiful eyes, cute smile and bright face.

We love him nonetheless for all the “crap” he manages to produce. He will always be the baby of the house within our hearts.

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