Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

“Personal data” here refers to:

a. personal information you submitted when you registered with Pawsitive Sensations

b. browser data automatically recorded by the Pawsitive Sensations server when you use Pawsitive Sensations and its services. These may include but are not limited to your IP address, the configuration of your computer and your usage of Pawsitive Sensations.

Personal data may in turn be stored in the form of cookies on your computer and on Pawsitive Sensations’ records.

Pawsitive Sensations may use the personal data for purposes of statistical, demographic and marketing analyses, for targeted advertising, for providing our users with information and offers about other products and services offered by Pawsitive Sensations and its partners and for informing our users about changes to these terms and conditions of use and our Privacy Policy.

Pawsitive Sensations is committed to the safeguard of your personal data. It promises not to disclose personal data directly referable to the user such as the user’s password, real name and telephone number unless asked to do so by user himself or herself or required by law.

“Pawsitive Sensations” shall include linked websites like Benny�s Big Beautiful Blog ( and “the website” shall be construed accordingly.

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