NOVA Antiseptic Powder

NOVA Antiseptic Powder

$16.80 $15.10

*First aid for cuts and scrapes, dries up wounds
*Also effective as ear powder or for wet ear
*Relieves rashes and itching
*Good for hot spots and foot rot

Apply onto affected area 2-3 times daily until condition improves.

If you would like to purchase other Nova products as well, please contact us. All our NOVA prices are at 10% off the RRP and we do not charge GST.
Free delivery for orders above $60 or if delivered during a therapy appointment.

Just to list a few:
Nova Antiseptic Solution   U.P. $17, Pawsitive Price $15.30
Tea tree Paws & Sores        U.P. $23.60, Pawsitive Price $21.20
Nova Eye Drops                   U.P. $16.80, Pawsitive Price $15.10
AlfaLina 30’s                        U.P. $32, Pawsitive Price $28.80

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