Bach Flower Pricing

Prices and Details


  • Face-to-Face or Phone Consultation (30 to 40mins): $40
  • Email Consultation: (Initial Consultation of 3 to 4 emails over a few days) $35
  • Follow up Consultations (Email or Phone): $25
  • Individual Flower Essences can be purchased from us directly (our prices are very competitive).
  • Customised Flower Essences: $5 per essence added to the Mixing Bottle which is $5 per bottle (reusable).

It is very important that you as the pet’s owner is very detailed about the problem. The more details we get the more accurate the prescriptions will be. We also do Bach Flower Therapies for humans; likewise it is very important that you are as detailed as possible when calling or emailing us with the problem.

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