Benefits and Uses of Bach Flower

Bach Flower Therapy for Animals

Bach Flower essences affect animals and pets the exact same way they affect people. Animals are living beings who also experience stresses and have a life force (or chi) following through them. What is important is that we need an accurate and detailed account of the problem behaviour or issue at hand. As the owner, you will need to be observant and see what’s changed in your pet’s emotional or physical behaviour.

This type of remedy is also as safe for the animals as it is for humans and is extremely easy to administer. The dosage administered is very small and you can give it in their drinking water in order to further dilute the alcohol content if you have concerns about it.

Why Approach a Bach Flower Practitioner

Certified Bach Flower Practitioners have gone through a course which highlights details and aspects of the therapy that is not common knowledge to the public. Numerous case studies are done as well and this increases the experience level of the practitioners and helps them to ask the right questions and prescribe the correct the remedies to the patients.

Our Bach Flower Practitioner, Zoe Gan, completed an indepth course from the British Institute of Homeopathy. Furthermore she has years of experience with canines and their behavioural issues from having worked as a senior canine massage therapist with Pawsitive Sensations.

While there is numerous books and websites with references to Bach Flower Essences, owners who would like a more specific and accurate prescription for their pet should approach us for help. We will also prescribe training exercises or behavioural modification exercises as necessary to be conducted by the owners in conjunction with use of the Bach Flowers. This approach has a higher success rate and is the holistic therapy we use.

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