Benefits of Swim Therapy

Benefits of Swim Therapy

Swimming is great for dogs (four-legged) just as it is for humans (two-legged)!

Here’s just some of the benefits of swim therapy for our pals:

Great Exercise for Muscles!

There is no better way to exercise to ensure strong muscles than swimming. With the resistance from the water, the muscles have to work harder so keep the dog float and moving. For many elderly dogs that have difficulty getting up and are losing muscle mass in their legs from lying down too much, swimming is an excellent way for them to put those muscles back to work. Senior dogs gain increased mobility and strength just by swimming. Plus it is fun too!

Low Impact Exercise

Many older dogs have arthritis and find walking difficult. Swimming is a low impact exercise so their joints aren’t going to hurt as much as if they had a walk/run. And with the above benefit of muscle mass growing without hurting the joint, the muscles can help to support the loose joint which in turn reduces the instability and pain in the knees and hips. Yay!

Weight Loss

Yay! Swimming is the perfect way to burn those calories quickly if your dog is on the, well, more rotund side of the scale. It is a fun exercise and if done consistently, can help your dog back to ideal weight status which is fantastic for its overall health!

Helps Neurological Issues

Some dogs who had neurological issues (like seizures) and have difficulty moving can relearn how to move through swimming. Swimming will have them in a upright position in the water and with stimulation of the legs and nerves, they may regain the ability to move correctly again.

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