Taz the Doberman

“I was in a terrible state when I started receiving treatment from Pawsitive Sensations. At twelve years old and having had a major operation on my spine, I was in severe pain and completely immobile. I was unable to stand on my own or even lift my head properly, never mind run in the park or chase the postman from the front gate. I’ve always been an active dog so I found it very depressing that my owners now had to hold me up while I went to the toilet, and roll me on my bed so I didn’t get bedsores.

People thought I may never be able to walk again, but after a few weeks of therapy, I was able to lift my head fully and move in bed. This really helped lift my spirits and gave me more confidence to work at getting better. With continued therapy, I was able to stand on my own for a few minutes and then eventually walk short distances on my own. Now I am able to go for walks in the park, guard the front door, and fully investigate any food that may be being cooked in the house.

I still get aches and pains – I am an old lady after all – but the massage therapy and targeted exercises I continue to receive from Pawsitive Sensations really help. I really look forward to seeing Zoe and Linda and after they’ve left I feel limber and pain-free – like I was ten years younger!”

Lucy the Chocolate Lab

“Just wanted to say a large thank you for the brilliant job you did with our 2 1/2 year old labrador bitch, Lucy. She’d been manifesting a fairly substantial limp for about 6-9 months which didn’t seem to be causing her any pain or slowing her down while running but looked like she was half crippled while walking. A number of vets had taken a look and found nothing wrong and finally my wife suggested, much against my initial scepticism of the idea of pet physio, to bring her to you for a session. In less than a month of sessions she’s now totally back to normal which can only be attributed to your efforts.” – Paul Coyne

We had previously treated another choc lab of theirs, named Bruce. He is also well now and as he’s mummy always says “running around like a lunatic”. =)

Tinkerbelle the Silky Terrier

“Tinkles had suffered a car accident in June 2008, after undergoing 2 major operations to correct her shattered hip, the vet recommended massage therapy. It was to tackle the nerve damage due to the accident and muscle loss due to post-op where her movement was restricted. Zoe came highly recommended as the pioneer of pet massage therapy in Singapore. After just two and half months of bi-weekly programme which included water and massage therapies, Tinkles is once again darting around the home just like before. We have since been told by the vet that her checkups are no longer necessary as the nerve damage is unoticable and her muscle mass has increased. Thank you, Zoe, from the bottom of our hearts, for playing a big part in the healing proccess of Tinkles.”
– Tinkles’ dad, Jeff

“Thank You Zoe for playing a big part in Tinkle’s recovery. My dog Tinklebelle met with a bad accident in June this year that left her with a shattered pelvic earlier. Furthermore, her condition was worsen by one failed operation (which I would not mentioned the hospital name). Thankfully, she was recommended to Dr Ly who did his best with a second ops and managed to fix Tinkle’s legs and pelvic back in shape. One great thing that Dr Ly did, was to recommend a massage therapy service by Zoe for Tinkles to help in her post-ops. I went ahead to try without a doubt, doing all I can for my baby gal. We started the therapy 4 weeks after Tinkle’s second ops when she could walk but she was not the same as before.
I was new to this form of therapy for dogs but Zoe was patient enough to explain to me before we started our sessions, on what it would entail and how that would help Tinkles. She assured me that with regular massage and hydro therapies, Tinkle’s nerves will be healed and her walking posture would be corrected. It’s been over 3 months since we started with Zoe and Tinkle today is walking, running, jumping… just like she did before the accident. Everyone commented the same. She is much more cheerful too, to gain her mobility back and to lead a normal life. While the second surgery was a success, I know in my heart that without Zoe’s patience, care and skilful massage, Tinkle would not be how she is today. Besides her excellent service, she has become more like a friend now, to my family, to Tinkle.

Zoe, I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done. I am sure Tinkle feels the same too. Keep up the great work and the great cause and I wish more people out there can benefit from this therapy service. All the best Zoe!”
– Tinkles’ Mum, Caroline

Boss the German Shepherd

“Zoe at Pawsitive Sensations has done a great help to Boss (my 8 year old GSD), who is suffering from hip problems. With only 5 sessions of massage therapy, Boss is able to walk properly. Before, Boss could only walk 2-3 steps and he will stop and sit down. We could clearly see Boss improve after each session. We are so relieved to see Boss getting back into shape (Boss can now do small jumps – which he couldn’t for 6 months). Boss loves to go for the sessions & I’m sure Boss is grateful to Zoe too…” Boss’ Parents

Brownie the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

“Brownie was diagnosed with hip dysplasia last July and we were advised by the doctor to send her for hip replacement surgery. However we hesitated and saw the Pawsitive shop at K9 Kampus. After a discussion with Zoe and showing her the X-ray film, we decided to give the therapy a try.

After 2 months of intensive massage therapy with alot of sneezing and fur flying around, Brownie got so much better and we could see a drastic change in her mood and behaviour. i.e. she seems happier and more playful compared to the previous her. Recently she could even climb 10 flights of stairs while sneaking out of the house.

We would like to thank Zoe for her patience with Brownie.

p.s. Brownie is getting naughtier with her new found health! 🙂 ” Brownie’s Parents

Hammer the Mini Schnauzer

Hammer is a well-dressed and well-groomed miniature schnauzer. He’s personality is sweet and lovable. Here’s the story from Hammer’s owner’s point of view:

“Paws of Approval

Hammer has some problems with his hind legs, especially the one on the right. At first, we thought that he was easily excited and as a result, his legs would shake. We would joke that hammer is doing his Elvis-pelvis again. Never did we know that he is actually suffering from stress in his hind legs as a result of his constant running around and frequent standing on 2 legs. The situation was aggravated when he hit his right hind leg while he was trying to jump onto on the sofa and making himself cozy.
We found the perfect solution in the massage therapy that Zoe offers. Hammer simply enjoys his massage sessions with her and we could see that his condition has improved tremendously. Our boy boy is no longer shaking like before and other than the occasional tremors when he is truly excited, Hammer is perfectly fine. We will continue with therapy though, not because of his condition, but because our pooch loves being prodded and kneaded by his dear friend Zoe. Hammer really enjoys the friendship that Zoe and Benny bring and he looks forward to his massage session every week.”

Lavander the JRT

Lavander is a hyperactive Jack Russell that has more spunk than can be handled at times. Her owner, Diana, came to us to help treat her hyperactivity and liver problems. We first treated the hyperactivity passively with the Bach Flower Remedy – Vervain. Here’s the story from Diana’s point of view:

“Dear Zoe,
Just wanted to let you know that the Bach flower remedy (vervain) you recommended worked really great for Lavander. She’s always had a nervous disposition and it’s been quite a challenge getting her to stay calm whenever friends come over or even when strangers stand outside our flat in the corridor. She tends to go into a barking, jumping frenzy that can be quite uncontrollable.

After about a month on the vervain, she’s been much calmer. She’s still got the tenacious terrier personality but without the paranoid nervousness that used to go with it. A friend whom she has bitten out of nervousness before came to visit a couple days ago and she registered his presence and greeted him without a show of extreme submission or fearful aggression. Her pet food was delivered without a fuss too!

So after 10 years of trying to help her deal with the nervousness, the one thing which has worked quite well is the Bach remedy. Thanks for your recommendation!” – Diana

Spiffy the Fox Terrier

Spiffy gets to go to day boarding regularly at the Kampus where we are located. Being a fox terrier, he has a penchant of high spurts of energy and loves to play rough and run about. He tends to limp his left front paw, especially after a long day of playing and even more so after back-to-back days of boarding and playing. Physiotherapy is done on his front paws with acupressure to help improve his weakened immune system. After just several days of therapy, Spiffy only limps ever so slightly.

“Spiffy is boisterous and plays to his heart’s content whenever he goes to daycare. As a result, he will usually limp on his weaker front left paw the next day. But after going for a few therapy sessions, he doesn’t really limp much now.” – Spiffy’s owner, Jasmine.

Jazze the Collie

Jazze came to us as a nervous collie who had just changed owners and home. She would consistently walk and circles and avoid strangers and physical touch. She is treated with relaxation massage therapy and accupressure points to soothe and calm her mind.

She is also in the midst of being treated with Bach Flower Remedies – Aspen and Mimulus (4 drops in water, 3 times a day). The results have been excellent and she now responds with more courage and does much less circling behaviour. It is now easier to perform massage therapy on her, even her limbs which she used to retract violently when touched.

Jazze is a happier and healthier dog now who is close to her new owner.

Monty the Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Monty is a sweet corgi who was having several health problems. The obvious issue was his weight – he was weighing in at about 25 to 26 kg (we are aiming and hoping it will reduce to at least 18kg). He is about 10 years old and has an enlarged spleen.

Monty was on 3 sessions of therapy a week so that his painful hind legs and sensitive belly area could be intensively addressed. He has been improving well and his loving owner happily announced that Monty climb steps recently, something he hasn’t been doing for a long while. The therapy is proving useful and meaningful for Monty as his legs regain their mobility and his belly area reduces in heat and is no longer sensitive. It took him only about 2 and a half weeks to show good progress.

Sadly Monty passed away early 2009. He was a happy senior corgi who lived longer than we expected considering his size and health problems. We are glad to have met such a pawsome corgi.

Herbie the Golden Retriever

Herbie is a senior golden retriever. His age is estimated to be close to 7 years, which is about 40 to 50 man years. He is one of the sweetest goldens I know and has a fantastic temperament. His owner, Sharon, adopted him and has been taking excellent care of his health and welfare. She even gives him glucosamine supplements as a preventive against hip dysplasia and other skeletal problems that large dogs tend to suffer as they grow older.

On the day of the massage, Herbie took to the manipulations, stretching, pressing, etc. very well. His energy and flexibility were good. His teeth though a little worn were in good shape for a senior dog. From the photographs you can see how much he enjoyed the massage and physical touch of acupressure points.

Dog’s like Herbie, who are borderline senior and in good health, will benefit from professional massage because of the increase in circulation that it brings to their aging bodies. Massage also aids in keeping the joints limber and healthy. This is a complementary and holistic treatment that requires no medication and will raise their level of wellbeing.

I am glad that Herbie thoroughly enjoyed the session and that Benny made a new friend. You can find more details on the two following blog links:

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