Why and How we started

Pawsitive Sensations was started in California, USA, in 2004 to provide professional and qualified canine massage techniques to the numerous dog lovers in Silicon Valley. Having moved back to Singapore, we hope to provide to Singaporeans what many dog loving owners in America have taken advantage of for so many years. We specialise in relaxation and therapeutic massage for canines and offer various types of packages and services.

Founder Story – Pets Galore

I love animals, always have. They are very fascinating to me. But I will confess that I wasn’t always that open to dogs. You see, I was small sized in my childhood and had one of those late growth spurts. So dogs were HUMUNGOUS to me and the hairy barky dogs did freak me out.

But then I grew up and met some of the coolest dogs (mainly Terri) and I kinda had a collection of stray animals that followed me home (from an injured spotted neck dove that was donated to my primary school, to cats and dogs). I would take care of them as long as possible but with school in the way, most eventually were handed over to the SPCA as we lived in a HDB flat. Some were adopted into homes with big backyards!

When I entered university, I took the opportunity to start having some pets. Two beautiful dwarf hamsters became my pals. The love of having hamsters spread to my whole family and we had a string of hammies (dwarf and Syrian) in the home. They were sweet and lovable. But with such short lifespans it hurts when anyone of them pass away.

I had sworn to get me a doggy when I moved out of my parents home but when my husband’s dog, Terri, passed away in our final year in university, our hearts broke. I was there on her last day of life doing my thesis on the couch with her head on my lap most of the time. I gave her a massage that day and I still hope it gave her much needed relief and a feeling of love. She was as much my friend and I will miss her forever.

Fortunately time heals the pain and my husband let me get Benny when I couldn’t stand being a dogless family any longer. Benny is the sweetest and yet most mischievous dog I know. He has such cute and “blank” expressions that sometimes I crack up simply by looking at him. He is lavished with love and discipline and plenty of massages. He has filled the void in my life and is the best doggy pal I have now.


Co-Founder Story – A boy and a dog

Dogs and me, we just get along. It wasn’t exactly love at first sight, as a young boy I remembered walking back home when this rabid dog bit me in the leg. I watched it as its teeth sunk deep into my shin and blood streamed down to my socks, my mom had to come over to chase the dog away. I also remember being very sad to know that the police had to catch and put the dog down. There is a connection I have with dogs, that I am sure we share. This connection transcends phobias and allergies (I had asthmatic and allergic reactions with dog hair).

Terri was an australian silky terrier, like most terriers, she had more energy than an energizer battery. We had so many moments together, especially my brother and her. We always shared our beds with Terri, and we would climb to bed at the end of the day like an old couple. I still remember the time she fought off a bee from our home and we had to nurse her paw, or the time she ate the entire plate of steamed egg while we weren’t looking.

But it was only after my return from UK that I realised what kind of life Terri was missing out on. When I came back I tried to give her everything those foreign dogs enjoyed. But it was already almost time for her to go. I clearly remembered her last night with us, when she walked into my brother’s room (he was out at that time, I know my brother never quite forgave himself) came out with her tail and ears down. She came to me to nuzzle my hand gently then to my mom to do the same and went to lie quietly down next to her bed. My brother did get to say goodbye on the cold vet examination table. We had 18 great years together, I still wished I done so many things differently.

Now I would like to give all of your dogs the 18 years that I never had with Terri. And I would like to dedicate each happy bark and tail wag to Terri. I love you… smelly Terri.

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