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Hello! Thank you for checking out our webpage. We are a group of bipeds (humans) who love our quadrupeds (especially dogs!) and are here to help them feel better! We provide holistic canine massage therapy, acupressure, swim therapy and also conduct Pet CPR and pet massage classes for the humans to learn. Do take a look around and feel free to contact us for more information.

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We have new classes in Pet CPR and First Aid in 2021! Do join us. PM us for more details.

We also have a new partnership with SuperNova International Dog Sports Academy for all our and their students. Details here: http://www.pawsitivesensations.com/partners/

About Us

Our Services

Canine Massage Therapy

Canine massage therapy is an excellent compliment to veterinary care. It helps a large range of issues from relieving arthritis and healing sprains to improving circulation and balancing the dog’s body. Not only do senior or recovering pets benefit from massage, young and active dogs will too as it helps minimise possibility of injuries after an active day at work, sports or play. We conduct 30, 40, 50 min massage sessions.

Swim Therapy

Swim therapy is done with the main objective of increasing muscle mass. It also helps the dog lose weight (burn them fats!) and improve coordination. Many dogs recovering from spinal injuries or stroke greatly benefit from swim therapy. We conduct our swims in outdoor dog-friendly swimming pools and each swim is 30mins.

Small Animal Acupressure

If your dog is unable to sit still during acupuncture sessions, acupressure is a useful and effective alternative. No needles are needed at all and acupoints are chosen based on the dog’s current health status. We aim to bring the dog’s Qi back to balance and help the patient heal from within.

Animal Neuro-Myofascial Release

ANMR (short form for the above), is a body alignment technique to achieve balance. It uses a release tool to aid in connecting the neuro input with the soft tissue adjacent and around the vertebral column. It is not a chiropractic adjustment as it is only adjusting the soft tissue and not the bone. ANMR aims to improve the gait, posture and range of motion of the pet.

What We Do

Our Team

Zoe Gan
Owner, Founder and Senior Canine Massage Therapist
Michelle Lim
Canine Massage Practitioner & Team Manager
Assistant Canine Massage Practitioner
What We Do

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